• COUNTY VEHICLE (CV) PROGRAM: This program allows groups of at least four (4) employees that RideShare to utilize a County Vehicle for their commute to and from work. The County Vehicle (CV) Program is an employee subsidized program through payroll deductions. The round-trip mileage of the vehicle determines the cost each employee must pay.
  • CARPOOL PROGRAM: Carpooling with a working adult participant, whether they are a County employee or not, qualifies the group to register with Commuter Services and receive our incentives at no cost! Looking for a carpool partner? Complete and submit a RideMatch Request Form and we will generate a personalized RideMatch list of employees who live and work near you based on the information provided.
  • BICYCLE/WALK TO WORK PROGRAM: If you live less than a mile from work, Commuter Services encourages you to try biking and/or walking to work. Lockers and showers are located at the Riverside County Administrative Center. If you bike and/or walk to work and would like to obtain a locker, contact Commuter Services for locker and shower access.
  • TRANSIT PROGRAM/BUS OR RAIL TO WORK: Public transportation (e.g. Riverside Transit Authority, Metrolink, Omnitrans or Sunline Transit) users may utilize the Transportation Expense Program to save time and money on their transit pass. Enrolled participants can have the cost of their transit pass deducted via payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis up to the allowed amount established by the IRS.
  • In addition, Commuter Services can purchase your monthly transit pass on your behalf as a County employee on a pre-tax basis. If you are a Metrolink rider, we can provide you with a Metrolink Quick Card for your monthly commute, which can also be purchased on a pre-taxed basis. There are many great opportunities for registering with us! If you are interested in any of the programs mentioned above, please print the appropriate form(s), complete and scan/email to