Modes of Transportation


Don't have a carpool partner? Print out a Matchlist Request Form, and fax the completed form to Commuter Services. We will generate a personalized matchlist of people who live and work near you based on the information you provide us!

Do you already have a carpool partner? Whether you carpool with another County employee or not, you can register with Commuter Services to receive our benefits at no cost! If you carpool with a County employee both you and your carpool partner should complete a Rideshare Registration Form and we will register the two (or three!) of you as a carpool in your personal vehicles! If you carpool with a non-County employee, you can still complete the Registration Form and indicate that you carpool with a non-County employee!

Transit Program/Bus or Rail to Work

Commuter Services encourages employees who live 5 miles or less from their worksite to give transit options a try! Riverside Transit Authority (RTA) serves western Riverside County, Omnitrans serves San Bernardino County, and Sunline Transit serves Coachella Valley. These transit companies have many routes and times that can accommodate most County schedules! These companies may also have CommuterLink options for folks that live farther away and travel to higher metropolitan areas with minimal stops. Transit is a cost-effective way of traveling to work. Metrolink also provides several transit lines into the metropolitan Riverside area including La Sierra and Downtown worksites.

In addition, Commuter Services can purchase your monthly bus transit passes on the County employees' behalf on a pre-tax basis and mail your transit pass directly to your home! are a Metrolink rider, we can provide you with a pre-taxed Metrolink quick card for your daily, weekly or monthly passes!!

Bike to Work

Riding your bike is a fun and healthy way of commuting to work! Bike lockers may be located at some worksites. Contact Commuter Services about bike locker locations and how to obtain one for your bike! 

Walk to Work

If you live less than a mile from work, Commuter Services encourages you to try walking to work! Clothing lockers and showers can be located at the Riverside County Administrative Center and the Indio Administrative Center. If you are a walker and would like to obtain a locker, contact the Commuter Services for locker and shower access!


Does your department allow its employees to telecommute and you are approved to work from home at least 5 days per month? Then enroll as a Telework participant! Telecommuting is a valuable alternate mode of transportation because you are saving very important vehicle trips by NOT having to drive at all!

County Vehicle Program

Commuter Services currently offers to County employees an employee-subsidized County Vehicle Program in which County Vehicles are approved for commuting use. This program is administered by Commuter Services, so contact us to find out if there is a County Vehicle near you that will work with your schedule! If you would like to find out if there is a County Vehicle that is near you, go to the County Vehicle Program section of our website to view the list of County Vehicles with seating available!