Parking Services (Transportation Expense Program)

The County of Riverside allows parking in several parking structures in the downtown Riverside area for the nominal fee of $35.00 per month for vehicles for all parking structures, and $7.00 for motorcycles in the 12th Street and CAC structures.

By enrolling in the County of Riverside Transportation Expense Program, employees can pay for access into this parking structures on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. The cost of the structure pass is spread out over 24 pay periods and any County employee is eligible to sign up!

The parking structures in the downtown Riverside area are:

  • 12th Street Parking Structure
  • CAC Parking Structure
  • Lot 39 Parking Permit
  • City Garage (3901 Orange Street)
  • Law Building (3960 Orange Street)
  • Main Street (4075 Main Street)
  • Riverside Centre Parking
  • Non-County Parking Facility

Signing up is easy. Just go to Parking Services just by the fuel pumps at Orange Street fueling yard located at 4293 Orange Street (cross street 12th St), and request a parking structure pass for the parking structure you prefer. You will be provided a structure pass upon your intial cash payment of $35.00 to cover you for the first month of use. They will request that you complete the Transportation Expense Program form (which you can bring in advance). Once completed, this form will be provided to Commuter Services for payroll processing. 

If you wish to change or discontinue the selected Parking deduction, you must complete another Transportation Expense Program form and select "Stop Contribution" and submit to Commuter Services by the Monday before each payday Wednesday.